Hi! I'm Baron, I work on technical systems in residential properties as well as small businesses.

My focus is to make the most out of your products
without spending everything you have on fancy garbage.

Toy Box

Good, cheap, available: Pick two.

Leveraging software on simple network applicances to protect your assets, utilizing open source when possible to ensure upgradibility and eventual stabilization and verified dependability

Using common sense approaches most of the time, troubleshooting problems is just a matter of authorized access.

I don't like to waste time, so there's some techniques that I use that aren't out of the manual.

You want new stuff? Great. Paying top dollar doesn't make you any better than anyone. If you want top of the line, great. But if your focus is price over performance, that's fine too.

What do you want? You can sit here shopping around, but don't you have better things to do?

New Orleans to Denver to Miami

Self taught on these mean streets, Proggies to Payloads


Become interested in making contact, reach out.